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    How to make grid2 show buffs.

    I was just watching the Lich Heroic Paragon kill and I noticed one of the healers was using a raid frames that looked similar to grid2 I assume it is because just like grid2 it had health going from right to left instead of up or down,however, instead of the dots that grid2 uses to show buffs and debuffs it actually showed a picture representing things like infest and PWS I was just wondering how Grid2 can be setup to do this.

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    Re: How to make grid2 show buffs.

    For things like Infest, get GridStatusRaidDebuff. You can set it so the health bars go from right to left in the layout sections of the options. I don't have it set for icons like PW:S but I'm pretty sure there is an option to do it in grid, if not there is an addon on curse that is for PW:S. Just search Grid and look for it.

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