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    Quote Originally Posted by Warwithin View Post
    Even though the forum is for World Firsts, I think this topic is worth being printed here. I'm just sayin'
    My guild Killed Halion server first should I post it here too? I think its worthy even though it has no place in this thread.

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    Yep, we got LKH25 and Halion H25 server firsts too. But we didn't get a thread about it.

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    whats going on here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indiglo View Post
    How did you manage to tame a Troll as a Seagull?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanish View Post
    whats going on here
    Quote Originally Posted by Razzmatazz
    This is Razzmatazz from the future *kzzzzzchhh* I don't have much ti*kchhh* breaking up! Note *kzzz* self: don't try to read all *chhhhh* this thread *zzzzzkch*. It will consume approx*kzzzz* 25 years of your life *kzzchchh* You will learn abso*kzzz* nothing, it's not worth *chhhhh* LIVE, RAZZMAT*kzzzz* LIVE AND FORGET ABOUT THE TRANSPARENT HORSE *tchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
    Quote Originally Posted by Entalpia View Post
    Warriors will get Concentration Shout! When he shouts at you, you are more concentrated ! ;p

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    I think its kinda nice to see some newer guilds stepping up, were kinda boring progression wise earlier. But still gz on lk hc kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeta333 View Post
    I loled at how they didnt get the FOS cus they joined paragons server.
    Paragon isnt on Tarren Mill -.- or are there two Ensidias?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasuros View Post
    Paragon isnt on Tarren Mill -.- or are there two Ensidias?
    Ensidia transfered to Paragon's server because Tarren Mill was too "laggy".

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    I love the monthly necroing of this thread. Also I think the reason behind the xfer was their old server was being terrorized by anti-Ensidia people crashing it so the moved to Paragon's server to sabotage them as well if the haters followed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abb View Post
    OMG it isn't first its worthless!!!!!!

    Seriously, its still fucking impressive. Live with it.
    If we went by these guidelines we'd have hundreds of guilds with their very own thread in the wrong section.

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    Grats to Ensidia. Even though this is the wrong section. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasuros View Post
    Paragon isnt on Tarren Mill -.- or are there two Ensidias?
    Come on. This thread is 5 months old.

    Read the post dates, man.

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