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    Batman vs Superman

    Alright so the Movie has the greenlight and will be put into production at some point. I have had this argument a thousand times back in the day and thought I would bring it to the Forums. Who would win in an epic battle between Batman and Superman?

    Since Superman is considered the Stereotypical 'boy scout' and Batman plays by his own rules, I think Batman would triumph over Superman in the end. I could see Superman at the point of victory but hesitating just long enough for the Bat to pwn his ass. Granted, Superman actually has powers and on a head to head, cage match Batman wouldn't stand a chance, but he doesn't go into a fight when he knows he is at a disadvantage. Batman has the tricks up his sleeve.

    He also acquired a piece of Kryptonite in the Animated Movie The Batman Superman Movie. So if that still held true, Superman wouldn't stand a chance.

    What are your thoughts here? I am sure you have had this convo as well with your friends back in school or what not.

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    Re: Batman vs Superman

    Superman is made of steel and shoots Lasers from his eyes, hence this argument is invalid. ;D

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    Re: Batman vs Superman

    LOL I love how everyone goes straight to.. Oh superman has this and this....

    Well superman can't even kill Lex so how could he defeat Batman?
    He has a hard time harming Villian's, So I thinks its safe to assume he would have an even harder time harming Batman, which is the reason he would lose. Its not really Powers vs Gadgets. But if Superman could actually go through with killing Batman.

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    Re: Batman vs Superman

    Bats has a few pieces of kryptonite hidden away.... Sups even provided 1 himself...

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    Re: Batman vs Superman

    Superman could kill Lex. But he doesn't.

    Batman also doesn't kill people. Even at his darkest in the Frank Miller comics he doesn't kill people.

    Also.. it depends on the situation.

    If it's "Hey Batman I'm calling you out! meet me in an hour and we'll fight!" kind of thing Batman stands a chance because he has time to prepare and he knows superman's weaknesses and he's far more cunning than superman. If it's spur of the moment and they're head to head off the bat (lolbat) Batman would lose. Now.. I absolutely worship batman but the fact is he's human, Superman is Superman and there's no changing that.

    One more thing.. they have fought before and if I remember right with Batmans power-robo-bat-suit he still needed help to take down superman.

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    Re: Batman vs Superman

    Kryptonite in his belt. Sorta cheating but then again can you really cheat when fighting superman?

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    Re: Batman vs Superman

    Yeah I agree it would be very situational, but if one had to kill the other wouldn't you think Batman would before Superman?

    What I want to know is how far away from the sun you would have to cast Superman before his powers faded?

    Anyone know?

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    Re: Batman vs Superman

    Flight is also a huge advantage for superman. batman's typical suit doesn't fly.

    Of course not saying batman couldn't win.. but it would be tough.

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    Re: Batman vs Superman

    In a straight up fight, it's Superman hands down. Dude is invulnerable, super fast, super strong, shoots lasers out of his eyes, x-ray vision to see where Batman goes and hides to, and can actually fly.

    If it comes down to brains and tactics, Bats would get his hands on some Kryptonite, fight over.

    If they were put in a situation where one would be forced to kill the other, Superman's a boy scout, but Bats has his morals. Neither would want to kill the other regardless, but I don't think either could bring themselves to kill the other. Fights a draw.

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    Re: Batman vs Superman

    Superman is so boring. However, if Batman got his hands on a piece of kryptonite, he could probably turn it into a draw.
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    Re: Batman vs Superman

    superman is cheap and lame while batman is..awesome in more ways than one!and he has a cryptonite hidden in his belt.Stupidman(or Cheapman,whatever) maybe he has the strength but bats has the brains and some gadgets.(did i mentioned the kryptonite in his belts just in case of emergency? ).so give my vote to Batman
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