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    How to clear my cache


    NPC_scan wants me to clear my cache in order to keep the AddOn functioning well.

    How do I do this and what are the risks?

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    Re: How to clear my cache

    No risks, WoW will just rebuild the file when you load it up after.

    You can find it in your WoW folder \Cache\WDB\enGB\

    You want to delete creaturecache.wdb for NPC-Scan.

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    Re: How to clear my cache

    I deleted what you said, but when I logged on today I still had the same creatures cached according to NPC_scan.

    Also, when I just got into Booty Bay I saw 0 mobs, and I'm quite sure they weren't killed. What's going on?

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    Re: How to clear my cache

    1. Close wow
    2. Delete the entire cache folder
    3. Start wow.

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    Re: How to clear my cache

    I'll try that out then, thanks.

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