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    MMO-Champ Ads

    Looking at the forum I didn't see a good place to post this but has anybody else been having weird ads pop up on the site? I'm currently using google Chrome and occasionally these flash ads will pop up over top of the latest posts with no way to close them. Not sure if its just an issue with my browser but its kind of annoying

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    You should try contacting Boubouille, but with the cost of Mmo-champ we probably can't be too picky about ads. I do believe ads that played a sound were removed but something as small as the recent post list isn't really worth having the ad provider remove it. You can always block it in other browsers, but keep in mind the ads probably pay for a good amount of mmo-champion server fees.
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    Re: MMO-Champ Ads

    Are you running your browser at less than full screen (or some horrendously low resolution)? That's the only time I've had ads overlap content.

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    Re: MMO-Champ Ads

    Reporting bad ads, a sticky in the Suggestions & Feedback forum
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    Re: MMO-Champ Ads

    Quote Originally Posted by Dinnerbone
    Reporting bad ads, a sticky in the Suggestions & Feedback forum
    Interestingly enough, that thread refuses to load for me. I just pull a blank page. Other stickies in the Suggestions forum work fine. It's just that one, even with a forced refresh. Time to cache dump, I guess.

    [edit: Or not. I'm confuzzled.]

    [edit 2: Works at home on FireFox. Yet another reason to hate IE7.]

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    Re: MMO-Champ Ads

    I knew I had seen a thread like that at some point but couldn't find it. I'm running full screen at 1680 x 1050 right now. It just seems to be Dr. Pepper ads that for some reason block the page like that for me.

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