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    comp crashes when i run WoW

    So, recently for no reason i can figure out, i'm not a software guru, but i have an above average knowledge, my computer will blue screen when i play world of warcraft. I can sit on my computer all day long, dvds, dowload things, etc, but if i run wow one of two things happens. I get wow errror 132 (i've already went through all of WoWs suggested ways to fix that and none worked) or I blue screen. I do not have a virus of any kind and this did not happen after a patch. it started occurring sunday. On monday i was able to raid only blue screening once, but tuesday and wednesday it would blue screen after being on for ~5-15 minutes. I tried running the wow repair and it did nothing, running zero addons did nothing, shutting off all background programs did nothing. I decided to try to reinstall WoW hoping that there was just a problem with it that the repair didnt see, but now trying to install wow it blue screens. The only thought i have left is possibly reformating, but i have serious doubts that that will do anything, if it even will reformat.

    My best guess right now is my HD or cpu is boned. Basicaly if i stress my computer at all it blue screens, soo i'm at a loss. Anyone have any additional thoughts on something i can try or a test i can run to find out if one is breaking down? Thank you in advance.
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    Re: comp crashes when i run WoW

    Sticky #1 - Specifically the troubleshooting section about temperatures
    Sticky #2 - Info to include in help requests

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    Re: comp crashes when i run WoW

    Windows comes with basic HDD error checking tool, just right-click the drive from my computer, choose properties-tools-error checking and run it with most thorough options. It's very unlikely you can boot Windows with CPU physically broken, so I doubt that is the case.

    You can easily download plenty of tools online to stress-test your computer, Cinebench is probably one of the more popular ones right now. That will show you if your pc crashes under full stress/overheating, but it will not show memory errors. Blue screening smells a lot like hardware problem though, but make sure all drivers are updated first, gfx card drivers at least. Hard crash while loading something big like WoW can also easily be a symptom of memory error, so you should run some memory test also. Memory problem can be in Windows swap too, and doing scandisk to check HDD status should tell you if this is the case.
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    Re: comp crashes when i run WoW

    I guess i can share my experiences with 'ya.

    I run a XFX GeForce 9800 GX2

    I had problems with heat in my graphics card a while ago. My PC would shut down after about 5 minutes of playing wow.

    I bought a can of pressurized air and cleaned out my card and:

    I unscrewed all of the screws on the casing to allow more air to get to the card itself, and now i have no more problems ^^
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    Re: comp crashes when i run WoW

    When your PC blue screens it will throw you an error code, or some sort of capitalised word.

    For example when my Windows 7 beta ran out I would get the blue screen often with the phrase "WINDOWSVALIDATIONERR".

    Or something like that, that is usually very helpful in determining problems with blue screens.

    If you can could you post that here?

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    Re: comp crashes when i run WoW

    Also the hex code. It'll be something like 0x0000003e.

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