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    Questions that I would ask if I could

    The developers have said that they want to back off "passive damage" done by Rogue auto-attacks, including poisons, but then buff that same passive damage with the Mastery bonus. Are there any plans to put a little control into the use of the Mastery bonus by, for example, changing Envenom to deal damage based on poison damage like Conflagrate deals damage based on Immolate? Likewise, the Unholy DK mastery stat is pretty boring too, have any changes been considered to the current Scourge Strike that everyone hates (or maybe just me >) to base its damage off of disease damage (and thus also Mastery?)

    How will Dark Simulacrum work? Will the DK just automatically fling out a spell at his/her current target whenever an enemy under the effect of his Dark Simulacrum debuff casts a reflectable spell? If so, has it been considered that this may be extremely awkward in PvP (both the DK and enemy getting hit with the same CC at the same timer for example?) Has it been considered that when the Dark Simulacrum debuff is consumed on your target, the DK gets to replace his/her next X ability (Deathcoil would be a good candidate) with the copied spell? This would open up a whole lot more versatility with the spell in BGs and Arenas. Also, will there be a damage cap on the copied spell like Eye for an Eye or will we be able to copy boss spells for huge amounts of damage (and how will that damage be determined, will it use the damage values of the spell cast by the target or will it scale off of the DKs stats)?

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    Re: Questions that I would ask if I could

    Obviously: When is General Turalyon returning?


    When will you stop making Alliance Heroes neutral?

    Damn im repeating myself here.

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