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    Disci gearing dilema

    heya, i just have dillema with my priest currently wearing: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...n=Atomickiller

    and have sanctified T10 legs, hands and 251ilvl shoulders and head

    should i change it? i really dont know because now i have 3 sockets more, more crit and dont know how much worth is 5% bonus on shield (i think its about 350absorb more)..if i change it i will have less crit but more spirit (both aren't too good)

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    Re: Disci gearing dilema

    Youll gain more absorption through your shield with the 4 set bonus than extra gem sockets.
    You crit is fine, and losing some isnt going to hurt you.

    If you plan on four piece, get head, shoulders, gloves, legs. and a 264 chest.

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    Re: Disci gearing dilema

    The reason to pass up the 4p (and 2p) is because you're performing a roll that makes your non-PW:S heals make up 50%+ of your healing. If you're reaching that point then the stats given up in favor of poorly itemized tier pieces results in less healing. The average Disc Priest has over 75% of their healing from PW:S, so the 4p is worth getting. The only fights I personally use the 4p is is hard-mode Lich King, but only because my guild does not use a Disc Priest on Blood Queen, Putricide, Festergut, or normal-mode Lich King.

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