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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    Mike Portnoy. I'm also very saddened that Bonham didn't make it on to the first page.
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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Vinnie Colaiuta yet since he's arguably the best studio/session drummer around right now.
    Probably not his best work, but I really like that song.

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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    Travis Barker.

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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    Chad Kent of Atomship.

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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    John Bonham, Keith Moon, Neil Peart. They're the best at the kind of drumming they do (or did, for two of them), and they've all been extremely influential to future drummers (Neil Peart is also a great jazz/big band drummer, in addition to being the god of prog rock drumming).
    For metal drummers, I'd say Mike Portnoy, Nicko McBrain and Dave Lombardo.
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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    David Morrison of For Today has got to be one of my favorites. ;D

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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    Quote Originally Posted by Faciano
    Neil Peart is overrated, he doesn't have the "Groove"
    Are you kidding me? This guy creates the best and most complicated grooves around. Jeesh must not be a drummer....

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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    Quote Originally Posted by Remo
    Are you kidding me? This guy creates the best and most complicated grooves around. Jeesh must not be a drummer....
    I fully agree that Peart does groove. However, I don't think he creates the best and most complicated grooves. Jeesh, you must not have heard of Gavin Harrison

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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    Buddy rich is hands down, the most talented drummer of all time

    watch all of it

    John Dolmayan of SOAD created a drumming style that i have yet to hear replicated well.

    Neil pert is meh, he uses to much equipment imo, Buddy has him hands down on technical skill, and imo he is making love to those drums

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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    Time for some thread bumping, Todd Sucherman style:

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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    George Kollias. Seriously? How has no one said him yet?

    Also Dave Suzuki:

    And Dereck Roddy:
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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    Quote Originally Posted by RockStrongo
    Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree and Danny Carey of Tool are definitely my favourites. If your serious about drumming and haven't heard of Gavin, check him out on youtube.
    Definitely agree, they are both amazing drummers, Gavin Harrison especially

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    Re: Your favourite drummer

    John from Sonic syndicate ^^ And hes a very cool guy ;D
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonicburst View Post
    Lars Ulrich.
    Are you joking? He sux!
    Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Jason Rullo, And Heikki Malmberg (Check him out, his insane!)
    I play drums also so.. ^^

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    Oh ffs, George Kollias too definetly.. Hes frikking fast o_0

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    Joey Jordinson!
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    Phil Collins
    Matt Sorum
    Neil Peart drum solo by collins
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    As for Local around here...
    Adam Gray - Texas in July
    is really good. not many people know of em.

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    Hands down Jon Karel. Most of you have probably not heard of him. He's an incredibly innovative and experimental drummer. He also drums with a smile on his face.

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