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    Why hasn't anyone said Blake Richardson from BTBAM yet? That man has got all the tools from speed, technicality, slow jazz rhythms and brush work. I would say white walls and swim to the moon are the best examples although he recorded himself tracking Obfuscation in HD. Although I can't post the link for it just type blake richardson obfuscation in Youtube and you'll find it.
    I LOVE Derek Roddy, Neil peart of course. Keith moon has always been up there on my list with Portnoy. Divine Heresy is fast but kind of meh not too inspiring.

    For just speed I'd probably say Shannon Lucas from TBDM

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    Quote Originally Posted by whetherman View Post
    Dave Grohl, multi-talented iconic face of rock and the foo fighters. (Them crooked vultures drummer currently)

    THIS.Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Them Crooked Vultures.How can you not love this guy?
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    Rock? Neil Peart, with John Bonham as a close second.

    If you want to talk metal, though, Casey Grillo and Joey Jordison.
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    I admire the one or two people that didn't know the drummers names but listed them by the bands they were in. Shows how much they actually listen to the drumming & don't just go on YouTube / Google looking for a name they got from someone else talking about how they're the best drummer ever.

    As for drumming, I started playing percussion in band when I hit 6th grade & bought a drum kit. I never really stuck with it & ended up quitting by high school even though everyone wanted me to join the drum line for marching band. I think it's because I never had any influences / inspiration & never learned how to read music. I had to memorize the sticking for every song I played in school & would just drum to music I listened to by ear when I wasn't playing FPS games.

    That said -- I believe every drummer has a personal style & it evolves from the type of music that they play. A lot like martial arts, you should acknowledge there will never be a best because there's always going to be someone that's more skilled than you. They just may or may not be acknowledged. You appreciate them for their style.

    As soon as I saw this thread, I thought of The Rev. His drum solos in a lot of AX7 songs just always stood out & he seemed like such an awesome guy. I was disappointed when I heard of his passing. Then, I was like.. I'll laugh if someone puts Phil Collins. And someone mentioned him! haha

    As for drummmers in general, Matt Greiner from August Burns Red uses crash cymbals likes no other & I love it in their music. Jason Costa from All That Remains is a beast with barefoot double bass pedaling, however, I think that Michael Thomas was better technically for the band. Mike Smith also stands out to me, but I think it's because I found out he's black -- Thus, another example that black people can rock out as hard as anybody in metal. Travis Barker probably has one of the best ears of any drummer I've come across, every drum cover he does makes the music better than what it was. That's about it. I was surprised more people didn't have Dave Lambardo. Aren't there any Metallica fans left in the world?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockStrongo View Post
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Vinnie Colaiuta yet since he's arguably the best studio/session drummer around right now.
    Probably not his best work, but I really like that song.
    At least SOME one here doesn't simply name the drummer from some of his favorite band, and comes up with a REAL drummer!

    You may add:
    Steve Gadd (his groove is HOT)
    Simon Phillips (!!! how can he not be on first page here!?)

    THOSE are drummers! Not some double-base smashing fuckheads! (Some of them can actually play though, but the standard set by those above is pretty much untouched by them.)

    Watch this:
    (Dave Weckl is hot too, but I'm not too much into his style. Technically one of the best ones though.)
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