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    Absorption amount

    I'm a Discipline priest, so shielding is a big part of my healing. I currently have Skada, but I have issues with it to where under the "Segment" portion, everything is grayed out except for "total", which irritates me and I don't know how to fix it. This prevents me from seeing specific bosses and such.

    Either how do I fix Skada?

    or is there a more effective healing/absorption/damage meter?

    I'm not looking for WMO or things like that. I would like an in game mod.


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    Re: Absorption amount

    Maybe post it on the addon's website, I found this which sounds a bit similar


    If you want to try out Recount, and this plugin, see if that is any better for you.

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    Re: Absorption amount

    I know recount tracks absorbs. How. I have no idea. But I know Blizzard is looking into fixing it so it shows up easier in the log files.... So maybe its broken?

    Edit: Found the post. http://blue.mmo-champion.com/t/24262...-in-logs-when/

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    Re: Absorption amount

    Nobody ACTUALLY counts absorbs - Skada and Recount just "guess" at it heuristically. They're probably fairly close... but could be WAY off. Until Blizzard lets the combat log report actual absorb amounts on fully absorbed attacks, nobody will be accurate. :-/

    Currently, the CL reports either the attack was absorbed fully (but no amounts), or if the attack was only partially absorbed (which gives the partial absorb amount, iirc).
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    Re: Absorption amount

    Here is recount link and below is the plugin that lets you check roughly how much absorbs have been done.



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    Re: Absorption amount

    At least on my Skada, I can right-click the window until I can see the fight segments and choose every one of them.

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