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    Looking for an advice

    Hello. Im looking to upgrade my pc, and i was wondering what would work better with WOW, an Intel i7 proc or an AMD Phenom II?

    Cheers in advance.

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    Re: Looking for an advice

    Both will run WoW perfectly but the i7 will do things like video rendering faster.

    I believe that the i7s socket will be replaced when intel launches their next lines of processors while the AM3 won't. But this is just speculations.
    AMD usually have better priceerformance ration but Intels processors are faster.

    What are you going to use the computer for?

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    Re: Looking for an advice

    I use it for games only, since i have an Apple for rendering and stuff....so im looking for smth that will run wow at High without a problem..

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    Re: Looking for an advice

    Phenom x4 955 at 3.2Ghz for 159$ a lot of people on this forum uses it and are very happy with it.

    Phenom x4 965 at 3.4Ghz for 180$ is the one I have and I'm happy with it.

    Both can be overclocked to about 4Ghz with stock cooler but they might run a bit warm.

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    Re: Looking for an advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Nixia
    Both can be overclocked to about 4Ghz with stock cooler but they might run a bit warm.
    "A bit warm" is an understatement, they shut down at 73 Celsius and I've gotten one to 4.4ghz with a Dark knight cooler + yate loon fan to 69 - 71 Celsius at max load, I'd have to say 4ghz is impossible on stock, 3.6 would probably be fine with the stock heatsink.

    I'd wait a week and take a closer look into AMD's $200 Phenom II 1055T which is at 2.8ghz stock but based on some of the pre-release overclocks from Hong Kong, I'd say you could expect the same temperatures of a C3 955/965 Black Edition with two extra cores. The overclock results I've seen place it somewhere along the performance of an i7 860 all the way towards the i7 975x. As mentioned earlier, LGA1156 and LGA1366 will be replaced when Intel's 6 core, 32nm Sandy Bridge is released sometime in 2011 by LGA1155 and LGA1356, whereas we'll probably see a revised AM3 socket for AMD's Bulldozer CPUs.

    It's really hard to say for sure, I'm a bit skeptical about the benchmarks of the 1055T and 1090T and won't be totally satisfied until I get one myself, but I'd expect the i5 to be blown away at the $200 price point by the 1055T.
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    Re: Looking for an advice

    They will both run it roughly the same, i7 might run it a bit faster, but the extra $$$ is not worth the small performance increase. However, if you want to make your PC future proof and upgrade the CPU in a few years without having to upgrade the mobo and possibly the RAM, then you should go with AMD.
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    Re: Looking for an advice

    Price / Performance wins deffinetly a AMD Phenom, but if you have enought of money go for Intel.

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