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    Raid Log - Alterative Directory


    I am giving some thought to switching over my main harddisk to SSD.

    However i do most of the raid logs (WOL) for my guild which involves writing a large amount of data per night (500mb+), which with the limited number of writes you are able to do on solid state this isn't ideal.

    Is there anyway to redirect the combatlog.txt to another directory? Basically onto a traditional harddrive whilst wow runs on the SSD?

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    Re: Raid Log - Alterative Directory

    Windows Vista and Windows7 allows finally directory links in NTFS, in theory that should be able to do the exact thing you're asking for. I haven't tested any of this, but theoretically you can link whole logs -directory elsewhere. Quick googling of "windows directory link" gives the following few pages. Please let us know how it turned out.


    You can also follow these instructions to just link combatlog.txt elsewhere, but you need to redo the link every time you delete and start a new log.
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    Re: Raid Log - Alterative Directory

    this function is not limited to vista/seven, its a basic feature of the ntfs partition format.
    win2k and winxp did not provide tools to create so-called "junction points", those tools where part of a resource kit. vista and seven both have a tool to create junction points.
    just run mklink /j drive:\path\to\wow\Logs drive:\path\to\the\actual\log\dir\on\standard\hdd

    i use this to merge the wtf\account\xxx folders of multiple accounts into one main folder to keep all those addon-configs together and ease config-sharing between accounts, like "mklink /j x:\wow\wtf\account\secondaryaccname x:\wow\wtf\account\mainaccount"

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