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    Long has been since I`ve finished gothic2, now risen reminds of that game.
    Is much better than gothic 3 who had some major issues of gameplay, story, figting style.

    Anyway, if you wanna escape wow Risen is the game.

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    Re: Risen

    shop i work in has a pre owned copy for like £4, might pick it up

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    Re: Risen

    I've played Risen, but stopped when I had to go and pick up those crystals/shards/stones or something. Got distracted by Dragon Age

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    Re: Risen

    i'll probably get this if/when it shows back up on steam. a lot of the reviews i read were surprisignly good. sacred 2 seems to have too many issues. and no way i can play through the early chapters of DA again and all of that dialogue.

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