Thread: Is wow to big?

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    Is wow to big?

    hello, i need some help. Recently i wanted to download a game and found my hardrive space was almost completely eaten up. I deleted a lot but when i hit the wow folder it said all of my wow stuff takes up 18 gigs. I feel like this is way to high but im not really sure.

    1. Is this to high?
    2. If it is, what can i safely prune so i dont ruin wow and have to redownload?

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    Re: Is wow to big?

    Clean installation is about 16 gigs, so yes, the game is big.

    You can safely delete whole "updates" directory as well as the -patch and -downloader files. All of those are patches you've already installed.

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    Re: Is wow to big?

    k thanks

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    Re: Is wow to big?

    What is your hard drive size or what are you saving to your hard drive other than applications? Most likely you probably have too much data taking up space probably like videos, music and pictures which could be moved to another data storage medium.

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    Re: Is wow to big?

    Storage is so cheap these days so it shouldn't be a problem.
    Just get a 1 Terabyte Samsung Spinpoint for 90$. 1 dollar gives you 11 Gigabyte so its a very nice deal.

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    Re: Is wow to big?

    Wow, I didn't even know you could get a terabyte for less than $100. Thanks for informing me.

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    Re: Is wow to big?

    You may think wow is a big game.... (it is) but there are bigger. FFXI is larger, 20-30 gigs last i checked. Warhammer is a bit less than wow, and AoC is 24 gigs when I downloaded it a month ago.

    Also get Ccleaner and clear stuff. My dad had 4 gigs of cookies and browsing history taking up space. Yes, it is easy to get that much crap when you watch videos.
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    Re: Is wow to big?

    my wow folder is 20 gigs, i was thinking of getting one of those 40 gig solid state drives but yeah , 40 gigs is amazingly small these days it's almost inconsiderable

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