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    My screen is all messed up

    Hello Internet,

    I recently upgraded from vista x32 to Windows 7x64. After the instilation i noticed that my HDTV a 40' Soniq would no longer display at 1920x1080 and was stuck at 1680x1050 as the maximum resolution. However it was displaying the 1080p resolution fine when i was using it on windows vista. After further proding and some help from flyinfinni I have discovered that my screen is only displaying 16:10 resolutions and not 16:9 (it is a 16:9 tv). If anyone knows how to change the resolution back via windows that would be super

    I am running an
    i5 2.8
    4gb ddr3 1600

    And using the catalyst contro;l centre.

    CPU: i7 [email protected] Mobo: Rampage IV X79 RAM: 32GB Ripjaw @ 1600Mhz GPU: EVGA 780ti SC SSD: 128GB M4

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    Re: My screen is all messed up

    Haz you maybi updatez da display driver?

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    Re: My screen is all messed up

    Have you updated your video drivers and are you sure your TV can handle 1080p?

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