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  • Lord Marrowgar

    57 2.98%
  • Lady Deathwhisper

    21 1.10%
  • Deathbringer Saurfang

    355 18.54%
  • Rotface

    128 6.68%
  • Festergut

    278 14.52%
  • Plagueworks

    176 9.19%
  • Plagueworks + Princes

    77 4.02%
  • Plagueworks + Crimson

    39 2.04%
  • ^ + Valithera

    222 11.59%
  • Plague, Frostwing, Crimson

    327 17.08%
  • Everything except PP, Queen and Sindra

    235 12.27%
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLS View Post
    When my current guild was on a summerbreak, I had to find some way or another to get my shards for Shadowmourne.
    So, I was in a weekly PuG who cleared 11/12 and last week we did 12/12. Also, just to add. Heroic bosses were: Marrowgar, Gunship, Saurfang, Rotface, Blood Princes and Blood Queen-Lana'thel. That's what I call a kick-ass PuG, we had tons of fun.
    How can you not do Festergut and Valithria when you can do Saurfang (good dps / heal) or Blood Princes (good raid awareness, synchronisation) ?

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    I lead a group on my warrior that has cleared 10/12 25 hardmodes, will be attempting H-Sindra next week.

    I lead a pug 11/12 on my paladin at 10% which was epic at the time (for a pug), most of the group were good players alts that out progressed their guilds in that run.
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    Saurfang, after 2 months of pugs...

    12/12 in 10 man though
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    went 11/12 last week

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    11/12 in a weekly GDKP.

    6/12 otherwise.

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    I only really pug on my alts, had a regular pug that did 10/12 HC and Sindragosa/LK on normal every week on my priest.

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    You're missing full clear in your options.
    Also no mention of hardmodes.

    12/12 GKP with 8 HM's
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marquessa View Post
    I only really pug on my alts, had a regular pug that did 10/12 HC and Sindragosa/LK on normal every week on my priest.
    Heroic PP is really impressing with a pug, congratulations

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    been there aswell. difference is that you keep the loot in ur guild and guild evolves and then you surpass everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrlae View Post
    Heroic PP is really impressing with a pug, congratulations
    Pugging with same people isnt pugging. that's a raid group.

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    I can't place my suggestion in your poll... because it doesn't include heroics.

    My warrior has gone 10/12 heroic in an ICC25 pug.
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    5/12 25 man.
    8/12 10 man with a couple on HC, but this was with people who know eachother and about 4 or 5 peeps we didnt know.

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    everything except pp, queen and sind (and LK of course)....suprisingly enough it was last saturday and it was a pugged, gdkp run, i made more progress in that run than in 7-8 weeks worth of doing it with my guild, i won rot's blood for 500 (i might add i used it to finish my shadows edge that night) and a tier token for 1600, and got 1200 in the bid pot at end, pure win
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    10/12 heroic, and there is a weekly GDKP that goes 11/12 on my realm.

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    Only done 4/12 with pug. (only went to ICC once cause my GS is 4800)

    PUG: Pick up group as in Random people you gather with LFM? A lot of ppl brag about they're 11/12 etc. with Only members from 2-3 different guilds who allready have downed up to 10/12... Not really pugging IMO :=)

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    how does this thread have anything to do with EU firsts?

    also i dont see a 12/12 option and it doesnt have HMs either which most pugs on my server do.

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    10/12 in a TRUE PuG

    These people claiming 12/12 and hard modes in WEEKLY normal or GDKP pugs is bs because when its the same 20+ people plus randoms - its no longer a true PuG imho... its a "psuedo guild" raid with a few pugs to fill in the gaps

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    Made it to Saurfang on an alt, and then said screw this and quitted pug.

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    11/12 HC with LK on normal, some guy from the best guild on the server, makes pugs on his alt sometimes

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    i actually pugged 8/12hc during summer

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