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  • Lord Marrowgar

    57 2.98%
  • Lady Deathwhisper

    21 1.10%
  • Deathbringer Saurfang

    355 18.54%
  • Rotface

    128 6.68%
  • Festergut

    278 14.52%
  • Plagueworks

    176 9.19%
  • Plagueworks + Princes

    77 4.02%
  • Plagueworks + Crimson

    39 2.04%
  • ^ + Valithera

    222 11.59%
  • Plague, Frostwing, Crimson

    327 17.08%
  • Everything except PP, Queen and Sindra

    235 12.27%
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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    Quote Originally Posted by coolaide2
    35% lol? and as far as im aware defile only grows if you take damage from it you should have a disc priest shielding the raid so with a 30% buff to absorptions its very likely defile gets trivialized cause any retard can move out of a big black circle when given an extra couple of seconds.
    You're confusing defile and infest. Infest is what the priest shields are used to prevent. Defile spreads the longer anyone is standing in it, not relative to damage taken.

    oh and on AQ the best ever did 5/12 I think it was, might have been 6.

    Auchindon EU has a pug that's cleared 8/12 HC, yes, HC.

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    Quote Originally Posted by Quirinus
    I've done 10/12 with a completely random pug - Did take us roughly 1½ hour to get together though. EU-Mazrigos btw
    pugs on Emeriss usually take longer to form and I'm yet to see any get past Saurfang. (I do believe there's a guy who can do it, but I can never raid at the time he puts his pug up)

    Hell, even pugs who stay together after Saurfang is down are rare.
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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    Everything but BQ, Sindra, and Arthas.

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    the best pug i have been was all bosses apart from BQ , PP and Sindra , but we did heroic marrow and loot-ship so it was quite ok tbh.
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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    there are plenty of realms whose pugs clear the whole place, you might want to reconsider your poll options

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    On EU Stormscale I am sure the group could get further then Saurfang on 25 man mode but 99% of the time the leader ninja's the tokens and leaves. When this happens generally the drama Llama comes out in full swing and suddenly theres 3 people left in the raid including you...

    10 man mode they generally clear all the easy stuff then suddenly ninja DC when the harder stuff comes and lets face it no one is gonna join a ICC10 with all the easy stuff already done :P So thats generally the end.

    Ho-hum thats the way the cookie crumbles so many ninjas not a big enough ignore list.

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    Quote Originally Posted by cheesypeas
    Auchindon EU has a pug that's cleared 8/12 HC, yes, HC.
    Thats no ordinary PUG, its mostly ppl from the top guilds. Was the same on Ravencrest befor they moved to Auchindon due to lag.
    Ravencrest still has EUs best PUG, downing most HC bosses. But as stated, mostly alts that got better gear then most normal guilds.

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    EU-Kor'gall with my warlock i join a pug ICC 25 on sundays that clears all but PP, Sindra , BQL and LK, doing some tries to PP but with no ventrilo, and some randoms that join each week will be hard to get it down.

    EU-Jaedenar ICC10 11/12 with my shaman. ICC 25 in that server are usually disbanded in plagueworks tho.

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    9/12 icc25 BQL, Sindra, LK missing.
    6/12 icc10 that's how far i went in LFM icc25/10 pugs.

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    I'm shocked to see some servers can PuG HC content.
    I only pugged 25 once, which fails at Saurfang and 10 man went upto Putricide.

    Luckily I'm part of a great guild.

    EU - Aggramar

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    My server, while not entirely fail, isn't as hardcore as a lot of others. ICC-25 PUGs pretty much always break up after Saurfang - to the extent that you're likely to have four or five folks drop group immediately after loot is distributed, just to avoid "wasting time."

    ICC-10 PUGs, on the other hand, are starting to actually make decent inroads.

    With that said, recently ran with a new transfer from another server who claimed to have gotten his Kingslayer title in a PUG...

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    4/12 25man. + Rare gunship hc if you're lucky enough to have a 25man kingslayer in your group.

    Saurfang dies, and then we usually disband. I had a few pugs that went through the phase of trying fester or rotface, but after a few weeks of pugs failing at it most have just gone back to disbanding after saurfang. I do think 6/12 with rot/fester down is possible though on my server, it would just need to be a lucky group.

    I did see one "pug", but in reality it was maybe 15-20 of one of the top guilds alts + some pugs that cleared atleast 8-9 bosses. I dunno where they stopped exactly but I know plague + princes were down, and probably dreamwalker too.

    6/12 10man. + hc gunship. This is pretty normal now, 10man fester is very easy even for our servers pugs, and although it proves trickier its fairly common to take rotface too. I've seen some pugs take down 10 or even 11 bosses, but they're harder to find (Sindragosa and LK being the two that are usually missed due to actually requiring tactics).

    I'm astonished that some servers can pug upto LK or even HC modes, not many raiding guilds on our server who play together 3-4 times a week can do that. Are they really pugs, or just 15 people from one top guild and 10 from another?

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    untill lady deathwisper on my DK... well she killed the raid...

    mind you, second week icc was out with a bunch of alts stuck together into a 25m raid...

    never pugged again actually

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    10/12 weekly

    had kingslayer last week in raid so got down marrowgar+lootship hc

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    I never pugged ICC 10/25. I guess I'm just blessed with a solid guild that runs it as full guild runs.

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    I don't really consider a PUG to be a real PUG when 80%+ of the group is alts to people who already know all the fights and done some fights on HC aswell.

    We have pugs on Nordrassil doing HC's and later bosses, but those are "elite" pugs which have very high standards for recruiting and oftenly bring the same people every raid. Easiest way to get in is through contacts, see it like a VIP club IRL. Be pro or go somewhere else.
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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    6/12 10m HC, 12/12 in normal

    11/12 in 25m normal, lootboat, rotface and marrowgar in hc

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    Depends if a pug counts as 15 alts from my guild plus 10 random alts from the other decent guilds on the server... but anyway if it does we got upto lich king but it was already late when we reached him so only had 3 tries. He seemed very killable for us.

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    i have done 9/12 25man hc on ravencrest also have another pug run who take 11/12 hc
    you can discuss wether it is a pug when it is just some of the best players on server that dont have the time for raiding 5 days a week or some of them who raid 5 times a week on main.

    done first pug 10man frostwyrm too this was full pug tho

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    Re: Most far YOU came in ICC25 with PuG

    10/12 ICC25 each week,we're going same grp,it's only imbha players,it is lead by an officer from a guild who is on top 5 guild from my realm(Sylvanas EU).We're trying next week Sindragosa too.
    Rilanciownz-Outland Eu
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