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    Holy Priest LF advices

    Hi there
    I play Holy Priest for the last 2yrs and im currently raiding ICC10 11/12 and ICC25 10/12.
    My armory is:
    I dont think meters (skada, recount and such) are important for healers, but does kinda break my heart everytime i see myself down on the meters constantly.
    I know most important is that noone dies at the end or that the fail isnt because the lack of healing. And sometimes i get the feeling im being carried on by the other healers.
    Im the only healer priest in guild and normally our set is me (holy priest) 2 shamans, 1/2 Paladins, and 1/2 resto druids.
    So im wondering if theres anything im doing wrong or looking for some advices.
    Sry i dont have any meters recorded but i can try to fix that tonight

    Ty and please dont flame me.. im new around :

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    Re: Holy Priest LF advices

    Well, this isn't a flame, but if you have really thin skin you may just not want to read this post. People need to get over the thought that healing meters aren't important. They are and you're a good example of why. When you look at meters you will with some exceptions get a good breakdown of which healers are the most active and handle their abilities most efficiently. Usually when someone claims that meters aren't important to them they're also not someone who really understands how to get there. It only takes a couple of checks to see some key problems that support that idea. In your case the fact that you're using such a contrary spec makes me think you don't know what spells you should be casting. The same can be said of your glyph choices and gem choices.

    What you need is not specialized advice, but a FAQ with general advice about how to play as a Priest. There's a sticky covering a lot of spec concerns up at the top of the page and there are several about how to gem on the front page. For gem's what you need to understand is that if it's worth putting 12SP/10Haste in a red socket, then it is also worth putting 20Haste in a yellow socket and Haste/Spirit in blue sockets. As far as glyphs: Why are you using a Shackle glyph? There is nothing to be CC'd in ICC, that glyph helps in no way. The only true option for Holy is the PoH, or Renew glyphs. Guardian Spirit and CoH are required outright. What you need to do is look up the FAQ sticky and read through some stuff and really get an idea of how to play your Priest in ICC and how to get your spec straightened out. After that people may be able to help you better.

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    Re: Holy Priest LF advices

    I'm gonna have to agree with Harky. Your glyphs are iffy at best.

    I think you would benefit greatly from reading over some basic priest information.

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    Re: Holy Priest LF advices


    People who use meters simply to see where they rank (ami#1omg??) are like kids playing with their dad's toolkit acting like they know what they're doing while they're really just scratching up his car. People who use meters analytically (spell distribution / effectiveness for the encounter) are the ones who are more likely to get it running.

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    Re: Holy Priest LF advices

    One thing i want to add, you don't need to be 1st in the meters to be good, it depends on who you have to heal, who is healing with you and what mechanics the encounter has.
    If there is one thing a meter shows, its how fast/slow someone is in making those green bars go up again. One example: if you know a boss casts an aoe in x seconds then you can start casting prayer of healing so it will hit shortly after the aoe, just my 2 cents.

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    Re: Holy Priest LF advices

    I have to agree with the others here. Your talents are odd (eg Improved Healing, 1/5 Divine Fury, no B&S) and the choice of the Shackle Glyph is straight up awful (replace it with CoH right away). Your gemming seems a little aimless as well, though not as bad as the talents and glyph. Just making some adjustments there alone will make a noticeable difference. As for other advice, well, without logs to see what you're doing, there's not much else to say that you can't find in a general FAQ.

    Like harky said, meters are meaningful, but like any tool, they require context and appropriate analysis. For example, if you're raid healing with a druid and constantly snipe his HoTs by following behind him and FHing them, you'll probably beat him on the meters, but you're doing it about as wrong as it can be done. Similarly, on heavy tank damage fights, you shouldn't expect to beat Pallies. The questions you should be asking are about your spell selection and how you compare to others doing similar roles. For instance, if you're doing Blood Queen and you and the Druid are both on the raid, as you should be, you should be relatively close to him; if you're not, look and see what abilities you're using to figure out what you're doing shortcoming is.

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    Re: Holy Priest LF advices

    Harky is spot on again.

    Meters are not an end to a mean. When I actually do look at meters, I use it to check to see where other healers (in my case raid healers) are situated. If we are all within 1-2% of each other, job well done by all. If not, I delve deeper into why there is such disparity. Reckon we do have an insane resto druid that can put up 4 million effective healing on H BQL while the rest of us are down near 3 mil.
    Continuing with meters, not every single fight you will be #1 on. If you are, I would seriously question your healing squad. On bursty fights (Princes, Deathwhisper) I can usually top the meter but on aura fights, a druid is at the top but I tend to be close behind.

    As for gear, drop the hit gear and trinkets (may be for shadow?). Try to get a solace trinket; still BiS. A holy priest should be between 20-25% holy crit. Haste is king for holy priest and we need loads of it. The glyphs and spec have been discussed already so I'll leave them out.

    Side note: Why would your guild bring two resto shamans to raid? There is NO situation where I would go "OMG we NEED two resto shamans!!!" Also, with the 10% buff atm, there is no fight you should ever bring more than 6 healers to. Some you could easily 5 heal also.

    My raid healers are usually: 1 holy priest (me), 1 disc priest, 1/2 resto druid, 2 paladins, 0/1 resto shaman

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    Re: Holy Priest LF advices

    Good sound advice in this thread....

    Will you ever top the healing meters going up against 2 similarly geared druids? no.
    Should you be close? yes.

    Re-spec, re-gem and re-glyph.

    And just FYI, you should always review all your gem and spec choices everytime you get 1 or 2 new pieces of gear - this is what good players do - keep your stats balanced and maximized.

    overall you dont seem to be doing that bad in relation to your guilds progression.... but you could always be doing better.... make sure you time your group heals right, and you'll be golden on the meters.

    i'm in a 10 man guild and we usually 2 heal now - resto shaman and holy priest (me)... he out gears me by about 300gs (he is at around 5.7, im 5.3).. but thats because of bad luck drops... he outheals me all the time, but only by a margin of 10-15%...

    when we need a 3rd we get a resto druid (we're a fairly slow progression guild - 7/12 10man)

    It's just a game.

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