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    combat log addon

    Hi, iave searched for a few addons now that i need for my combat log but im out of ideas what to search for.

    Explanation of what i want:

    An addon that let you click the spell that is casted on you. For example: Sindragosas [Frost breath] Hits Etyerdan for XXXXX amount of damage.

    So i want to be able to click the spell and get a tooltip as if someone were linking the spell in trade..

    i have seen it. i think it was on the Sindragosa movie posted by Boub on this forum..

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Seems like im able to click the spells name in the combat log without any addons (well i use Fatality, Dues Vox Encounters and Grid so if migh come from any of those)
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    Re: combat log addon

    It's true that you can click any spell from the combat log and get the spell description, however I think I have what you are looking for.


    As you fight mobs, this addon will "remember" all of the spells that the mob uses, and can easily see all of the spells used in the encounter and report all of the abilities in party\raid chat.

    I have it turned on since Ulduar and is great for refreshing everyones memory on what goes on in the encounter. You can also set it to record only in raids\instances to save memory.

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