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    Hiding keybinds

    I once saw an addon that was removing the Keybind text from icons on the action bar, but I forgot its name and I couldn't find it on google either. I know that more complex addons like Bartender can do this, but I want something as lightweight as possible, as my loading time is already high enough due to the ammount of addons I use.
    Can anybody help me ?

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    Re: Hiding keybinds

    Threw together a quick few lines of code for you:
    local nf = function() end
    for n,bar in ipairs({"Action", "MultiBarBottomLeft", "MultiBarBottomRight", "MultiBarRight"}) do
    	for btnnum=1, 12 do
    		local btn = bar.."Button"..btnnum
    		if _G[btn] then
    			_G[btn.."HotKey"].Show = nf
    How to use this
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    Re: Hiding keybinds

    Thanks, it works!
    I'll mess with it tomorrow so that it only removes the text from some of the bars/buttons

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