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    LF spriest help-addon

    Hey, Im a recently new shadow priest, Raided before as Disc/Holy - Got acceptable gear imo around 5.6k GS and improving quickly.

    What im looking for?

    An addon:
    Which helps me track my dots duration left/on which targets, and I would really love if anyone could tell me an addon which also is "clickable", So i can click on the "duration" and it will target the target, which the dot-duration is on <Picture of duration http://media.curse.com/Curse.Project...ldownTimer.png>
    The most "important", is the "clickable" part =)

    Well, Thats basicly it

    Thanks for reading

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    Re: LF spriest help-addon

    That is ForteXorcist, it is the hands down the best DoT timer for a multitude of reasons. And no, there is currently no DoT timer that I'm aware of that will allow you to click target from the timer.

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    Re: LF spriest help-addon

    personally i like MFClip (its on curse)
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