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    Guild Log Mod

    Hi y'all, I was wondering if anyone knew of a mod that would keep track of the guild log in the times I am offline. I understand the guild log does this but when people in my guild go crazy and the log does not go back far enough I would really appreciate knowing what exactly started it all of etc. Or does anyone know of a way to see an extended guild log online? The Armory for my guild does not show the guild log only the bank log. Thanks Sel!

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    Re: Guild Log Mod

    Are you looking for something that just keeps a history of the guild-log for a longer time so you can keep watching it? Or are you looking for something that actually watches the log and reports when something changes, because that's impossible as far as I know.

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    Re: Guild Log Mod

    I am pretty sure that there is not a single addon out there, that gathers information while you are offline, since all addons are working via your client, which needs to be online to work.

    So, i guess that there is not such a thing.
    Anyway, i would advise you simply to stop your guildies from going THAT crazy, tbh.

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    Re: Guild Log Mod

    Ok well thanks for the input, <3 Sel

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    Re: Guild Log Mod

    I use one called Guild Info, not sure on the exact spelling or URL.

    Gershuun @ Borean Tundra US - Interface & Macros Moderator

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    Re: Guild Log Mod

    I threw together a few lines of code that should accomplish what you want.
    local cf = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, UIParent)
    local c = cf:CreateTexture(nil, "BACKGROUND")
    cf:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 30, -30)
    cf:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", -30, 30)
    local d = cf:CreateFontString(nil, "ARTWORK")
    d:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 5, -5)
    d:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", -5, 45)
    local cl = CreateFrame("Button", nil, cf)
    cl:SetPoint("BOTTOM", 0, 5)
    cl.t = cl:CreateFontString(nil, "ARTWORK")
    cl.tx = cl:CreateTexture(nil, "BACKGROUND")
    cl:SetScript("OnClick", function() cf:Hide() end)
    local function UpdateText()
    	if not GetNumGuildEvents() or GetNumGuildEvents < 1 then return end
    	local tt
    	for index=1, GetNumGuildEvents() do
    		local t,p1,p2,r,y,m,d,h = GetGuildEventInfo(index)
    		tt = tt.."["..m.."/"..d.."/"..y.."] "
    		if t == "demote" then
    			tt = tt..p1.." demotes "..p2.." to "..r.."."
    		elseif t == "invite" then
    			tt = tt..p1.." invites "..p2.." to join the guild."
    		elseif t == "join" then
    			tt = tt..p1.." joins the guild."
    		elseif t == "promote" then
    			tt = tt..p1.." promotes "..p2.." to "..r.."."
    		elseif t == "quit" then
    			tt = tt..p1.." leaves the guild."
    		elseif t == "remove" then
    			tt = tt..p1.." kicks "..p2.." from the guild."
    		tt = tt.."\n"
    	d:SetText(tt or "")
    cf:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event)
    SlashCmdList["ADVANCEDGUILDLOG"] = function() if not IsInGuild() then print("You are not even in a guild") return end cf:RegisterEvent("GUILD_EVENT_LOG_UPDATE") QueryGuildEventLog() end
    SLASH_ADVANCEDGUILDLOG1 = "/aguildlog"
    SLASH_ADVANCEDGUILDLOG2 = "/advancedguildlog"
    How to use this
    However, I do not have a guild with log rights to test this with right now, so I'm assuming multiple things.
    1) I did not make any coding errors. There are no syntax errors as the code loaded without problems. If it causes any errors, please report.
    2) Blizzard actually provides you with Guild log information that the default UI does not show when you use GetGuildEventInfo(index). If this information isn't available, my code will only show the same stuff you see in the default guild log.

    Anyways, type /aguildlog or /advancedguildlog to pop up a window that contains all log information available to you.

    Please report back whether the code works or not.
    UI & AddOns expert | Interface & Macros moderator - My work

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    Re: Guild Log Mod

    Thanks a lot Treeston I'll try it out after my hubby gets home from work. I am not allowed to play with stuff like your directions posted said to. I've kind of broken a few too many PC's to play with anything alone, I'll be sure to let you know how this works, thanks again for spending the time to make this. <3 Sel

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    Re: Guild Log Mod

    Ah here is the one I use, no wonder I couldn't find it.

    See if it does what you want.

    Gershuun @ Borean Tundra US - Interface & Macros Moderator

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    Re: Guild Log Mod

    GuildCheck is nice because it takes a snapshot of your guild's current status when you log off - who's a member, their ranks, guildnotes, officernotes, and levels. Then it checks the guild status when you log on, and compares it to the snapshot it last saw. It can tell you if people left, even if the actual guild log doesn't (eg. if they deleted or moved the character).
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