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    error free report

    Tips on how to achieve an Error free Document

    Error free documents are beneficial as they are good to the company's reputation, customers can have a hard time reading a document witch contains a lot of Typo's, poor grammar, and invalid numbers. Achieving an error free document is not very simple however very rewarding.

    Proofreading for a document is a difficult task but can be assessed into steps for more accuracy. First of all, by using appropriate software and software tools to ensure that documents/slides are spellchecked, this process could be accomplished easily when you are fully aware of what your software is capable of doing, and by using the right tools tasks such as: spelling check and grammar check can be complete in a click of button.

    However normal proof reading is still mandatory to check mistakes that computers can't detect, to guarantee no error employees need to revise and practice entering data with 100% accuracy, and be aware of the methods of proofread documents. Like:

    o Read and proof your document thoroughly.
    o Read backwards (right to left or bottom to top) to concentrate on spelling instead of content.
    o Reread the document for content to find omissions and plurals.
    o Wait a couple of hours or a day to proofread what you typed. You are more likely to find errors.
    o Have others proofread your documents.
    o Verify any words you are not sure of.
    o Go through all these steps multiple of times (for more accuracy) before printing and publicizing.

    Make a good impression and increase credibility with error free documents. Take the time to proofread.

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