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    First Heroics as Shadow?

    Hi there,

    I'm about to hit 80 in a few days and i would like to play my Priest as a Healer, but I wonder if I should keep shadow-specced for the first heroics until my gear gets better.

    I simply dont want to get kicked out because of my lack of gear.


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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    If you don't have any gear to heal, I would stay Shadow for a while. Join a guild or some Naxx Raids pug and ask if you can need for off-specc. Most people don't really mind (seeing they go for emblems most of the time), and you will be able to make a nice starter set.

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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    Buy all the BoE gear, do WG/random BGs and get full epic within a few days, job done!

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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    Since the dawn of Gearscore, even in the Random Dungeon Finder, people will kick you just because you don't have raid gear to do a 5-man instance. Something balanced around 1100 DPS (for baddies) taht you aren't able to do 5k in deserves a boot to most of these people, same with tanks without at least 45k HP unbuffed, or whatever they're using to calaculate healers.

    Do either, it'll be painful either way, but if you want to be a healer you might as well start settling into it now.
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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    If you want to heal heroics when you just hit 80. (guessing quest greens and blues) you should spec disc to start with since it is alot more forgiving on the gear. You should have no problem keeping people up since most of the run's you get will be with people that has the gear and just wants their frost badges.
    You can ofc stay shadow but it should never be a problem keeping people up during heroics unless the dps desides to take huge aoe damage.

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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    No, do them as Disc. Quest gear is more than enough to heal heroics as Discipline. Trust me, the level of tanks you'll typically be dealing with don't require healing in heroics. Just uhm... if you get a DK tank, I'm sorry. :P Especially the baddy Unholy ones. Euw.

    Seriously though, Heroics at 80 are easier than normals at 60 or 70. You shouldn't have an issues except perhaps the first time you get thrown into the ICC 5 mans, which can be rough when they first let you queue.

    Oh and uhm, do not buy any BoA gear. BoA gear is worse than blue gear of the same level. It's a waste of time unless you plan to level a new character.

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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    Run Heroics, a lot of them. Here's a great starting set to shoot for: http://www.wowhead.com/?profile=20836801

    If you don't get the drops, just get the best gear you can. Use your own judgment on what is an upgrade

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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    The OP is aiming to heal, not DPS. The question was if they should stick to DPS to start out. Which is an emphatic no.

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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frmercury
    Run Heroics, a lot of them. Here's a great starting set to shoot for: http://www.wowhead.com/?profile=20836801

    If you don't get the drops, just get the best gear you can. Use your own judgment on what is an upgrade
    He wanted to heal mate..

    Basically.. go for the stardard heroics first, if you get FoS/PoS or HoR simply leave (or ask for a kick since that wont get you deserter) because thats going to be pointless to try for a recently dinged healer. When you got some more stuff and think your ready to try FoS give it a shot and see how things go.
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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    Yup, this is exactly what I'm doing with my Shaman, playing Elemental til I have the badges to buy enough resto pieces to not let our tank die every 3 pulls.

    Surprisingly in full blues I still hit pretty big numbers and no one complains...

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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    Thanks for all the replies, i think i'm gonna stick with disc as you guys said!

    Is there some pre-raiding heal gear list like that shadow profile?


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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    this is an Disc gear list. it's mostly rep items and stuff you can get easy. The emblem gear is better of course, the list is kinda outdated but it's better then having nothing.


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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    I just bought Dual-Spec and spammed random heroics as Disc to get my tier 9. It was actually pretty painless, then again if the group was ever retarded or absolutely horrible, I just left.
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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    Disc > Gear in heroics

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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    As soon as I dinged 80 on my BE Priest (as shadow), I just started tearing up the random dungeon finder. Had no problems getting gear (got like 5 epics the first day). It's not hard to gear up at all, seeing as how a lot of ppl u encounter will be overgeared anyway and just pulling several large groups of mobs while u just run behind the tank mostly spamming instants. It goes a lot quicker than you think. After you get heroic geared you can spec to whatever you want.
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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    Quote Originally Posted by Strykie
    Disc > Gear in heroics
    This. This is what I did, my disc set is amazing now and because of my guilds alt runs i have full 264 shadow gear (which is what I wanted to do w/ offspec heals). Point is, disc is so easy for heroics if you just keep your mana up (buy lots of food, and if you get mages get more food at the end of the run) most of the tanks will have amazing gear so they don't take damage anyway and if not it's just more fun. IMO
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    Hi, my druid is currently lvl 75 and i'm going for resto at lvl 80, so my question is, what is the most used resto healing rotation?.

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    Re: First Heroics as Shadow?

    Well i'm not some specialist about priest :/ i would start by doing hc's (try one with shadow and one as holy/disc)If you can heal gogogo < 1 min queue
    Also if you have a guilde or a friend you could make some of ToC things ( if that's still usefull ,havent played for a while )
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