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    Nvidea Gforce 8800 GTS with SLI and World of Warcraft

    So I was looking around on my computer and saw that it had 2 Nvidea Gforce 8800 GTS video cards in it.
    I am using my computer for like 2 years now and I didnt knew that you had to enable SLI or something to have the 2 video cards both working at the same time.
    So I enabled this "SLI" thing, all seemed fine but when I turned on WoW I couldnt play it because it was flickering all the time.

    I dont really know a lot of computer stuff like that so could anyone help me out on what I have to do to be able to play WoW with SLI enabled but without the flickering and if it makes any difference to my FPS with this SLI-mode enabled.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Nvidea Gforce 8800 GTS with SLI and World of Warcraft

    WoW does not work with SLI or Crossfire, never has. Just turn it off while playing WoW and keep it on for other 3D games.
    Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned.
    Trolling should be.

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