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    Windows 7 Ventrilo Problem

    A few days ago i purchased windows 7 but it has a big problem with ventrilo program. When i start vent. first there is no problems at all, than incoming sounds stops they can hear me but i can't hear them. When i click disconnect than all sounds come at the same time as if server was lagging. Friends told me to set vent.s priority to realtime but windows didn't let that happen instead it makes it high but a few minutes later than again priority drops to normal.

    I'm not closing or minimizing task manager and ventrilo. Any advice or help will be appriciated.

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    Re: Windows 7 Ventrilo Problem

    Never set a process's priority to Real-Time. It has the possibility of messing with the OS by getting in its way at that point. Really, there's no need to every adjust a process's priority.

    Make sure you're running Vent as administrator. That takes care of 90% of Vent issues on Windows 7.

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