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    Re: Holy Tier 10 bonuses vs tier 9

    amg o.O I even checked on my gear yesterday. Now it\s back to normal ah well what a fail I am, well still have to start using those renews I guess, tried it in a HC .. yeye noobish.. however could def see how much healing it can potentially do

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    Re: Holy Tier 10 bonuses vs tier 9

    Renew isn't a useful spell? Lol, what?

    Renew should always be one of your top four healing spells along with circle of healing, prayer of mending, and prayer of healing, and then flash heal will usually always be your fifth most used healing spell.

    If you are not using renew you are either

    A. Lazy
    B. Bad
    C. Ignorant
    D. All of the above

    Renew is the most powerful HoT in the game, druids envy us because of it, and it just makes me cringe inside that you're not using it..

    The only type of fights you wouldn't use renew on are fights where the damage is unpredictable like LM, DBS, and PP but most all of the other fights you should be spamming renew with prayer of mending and circle of healing on cool down unless the damage is big burst damage then you should cast a couple flash heals and then prayer of healing unless you've got a fair amount of haste and if you do, well then just spam prayer of healing.

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    Re: Holy Tier 10 bonuses vs tier 9

    Quote Originally Posted by Calendra12345
    Consider dropping the 4 set so you can take shadow set shoulders, which are a big improvement from the healing set shoulders - unfortunately.

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    Re: Holy Tier 10 bonuses vs tier 9

    Muto I see you are obviously too "ignorant" to realise that I just havn't been playing that much on my priest & that I just wasn't aware of this since I've mainly been reading up on my shaman etc, not focusing much on my priest, therefore not reading much up on it & not playing that much on it hence not knowing. Has nothing to do with being ignorant, bad or lazy. Can tell you what you are though: Arrogant..

    As for the shadow pieces, I get the point with the haste etc, but I really want to stick to tier items. (:

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    Re: Holy Tier 10 bonuses vs tier 9

    Quote Originally Posted by Feroz
    Openair, they changed the set bonus to 10% to empowered renew instead of the CoH bonus, thats why I figured something was wrong with how i played xD
    no they didn't.. The 10% bonus to empowered renew never went live...


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