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    Raid & Dungeons useful threads

    Please feel free to report other threads as potentially useful for this list.

    Raid boss guides
    Heroic Highmaul: Quick Guide
    General Highmaul: Short tactics
    Gabestah's guides to HM: Detailed guides

    General Dungeons and Raids

    Raid composition questions: The "Help my Raidcomp" thread
    Crowd Control: The Complete Crowd Control Guide
    How to analyze World of Logs: A Guide to using World of Logs
    Tier Drop Locations: Old School Tier Drop Locations

    Guilds and Loot Systems

    Boss Strategy Tool: Boss Strategy Tool
    Suicide Kings Guide: Guide to Suicide-Kings
    Raid Calls, Increasing Raid Communication: Raid Calls and You
    Raid roster planner: WoWRoster

    Dungeon and Raid Experiences

    Positive experiences: Positive PuG Experiences - Who made you smile lately?
    Negative experiences: Your worst experiences with the Dungeon Tool

    Your First Raid: What was your first raid EVER
    Wipes at 1%: Your worst 1% wipe

    Guide to using World of Logs:

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