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    Project help

    I'm working on a presentation for my senior project for school. I need some gameplay from a few games that are computer exclusive (to show how the computer trumps the console) and I'm thinking "What games can I choose?" I'm thinking about using the PvE aspect of WoW (dungeons/raids), Garry's Mod (for sandbox) and WC3 (map editor mainly). All ideas are welcomed.

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    I think you are approaching that project from the wrong side.

    Your goal should not be to prove how one beats the other but to compare them in different aspects and then present a summary.
    Your initial thoughts might be whats happening in the real world if they do studies and polls but at least in school try to be as objective as you can.

    You should also compare games that are out on both the PC and a console, because if you use PC games only there is nothing to compare.

    You might want to start with accessibility, on a console you just insert the DVD while on the PC in most cases you have have to install the game, register the game online, wait 3 months until the publisher removes the copy protection what makes it impossible for you to play the game... (hate Ubisoft )

    Compare mouse+keyboard vs. gamepad, list different categories of games (shooter, strategy, role-playing, etc) and compare the games.

    Just using PC games and saying they are better than anything on the consoles, and using 3 games/editors as example would be biased and I would give you a straight 5
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