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    Asking Your Help For My Research About Online Game

    hello everyone, i spent much time in this forum but not registered yet, especially looking at UI forum and some thread about DPS guide in here. But i'm here not to shwo anything, i just want you all to fill in my questionare for my research. My name is Tyo, and i'm in final term in my college, so this research is a must to complete my 4 years of study. In order of that, i need your help. Questionare itself is about online game and i'm aiming for why you enjoy playing online game. This research purpose on searching what key factor that can make an online game succeed nad played by everyone of us, you can tell WoW, or any other than that (Well, WoW is mostly populated in this forum ).

    Thanks For all of your help.

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    Re: Asking Your Help For My Research About Online Game

    it is frightening that you are about to be a college grad if your grammar is that terrible. There is a post below this that was locked/banned for trying to ask people info concerning projects outside gaming & wow. This seems like a niche subject. Good luck w/ the mods.

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