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    Is my graphics card & CPU too dated to play?

    I haven't played since release of WoTLK, and im now on a fairly old PC using a

    GeForce Nvida 7300 LE
    2.00 GIG Ram
    AMD 64 x2 Dual Core 4400+ 2.30Gz
    8 GIG Broadband so latency is not a problem.

    I was never used to insane graphics so I am content if it will run smoothly on lower settings, but ive played on good enough PC's to get annoyed by real bad lagging and get annoyed having to have ALL settings at total low (dont like being only able to see right infront of me, like having world panned out a bit)

    Im also only using a 16" LCD set to 1360 x 768 *forced to, as my VGA converter doesnt have my native
    1400 x 900)

    I would want to do 25 mans and battlegrounds, occasinly arena?

    PS - Do you think it would be worthwhile purchasing a new graphics card? Im a specs noob, but obviously my rig wouldnt bottleneck it (LOL) and I think I have enough wattage to confortly hold a new card - maybe a 9 series nvidia or something? Any suggestions? Or would this be pointless

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    Re: Is my graphics card & CPU too dated to play?

    CPU should be fine for very low settings, but the video card may struggle at any resolution. The only way to find out would be to get in game and take a look, if you're not satisfied you should consider upgrading to a mid range card like the 4670 - 5670, anything more would be a waste with the older hardware, in my opinion.
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    Re: Is my graphics card & CPU too dated to play?

    You're going to have issues with the added light effects WOTLK added.

    with all of the extra players congregating in the sanctuary towns like Dalaran, your cpu is going to be taxed when processing all of the players, items etc around you.
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    Re: Is my graphics card & CPU too dated to play?

    Your CPU is fine for the most part, your fps may struggle a little bit in 25 mans, but you won't get past 5 mans with the graphics card you have now. I hope you have a PCI-express slot on your motherboard, otherwise your graphics card options are going to be very limited and quite a bit more expensive.
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    Re: Is my graphics card & CPU too dated to play?

    Thanks for the replies.

    Ive been talking to None, and we came to the conclusion i'd benifit from getting a Radeon HD 4670 - as yes I have a PCI-E

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    Re: Is my graphics card & CPU too dated to play?

    New graphics card is highly reccomended. The processor is decent for low-mid specs.

    In short, Nvidia has graphics cards in series'. So the 6000, 7000, 8000, (Its over 9000!) are all different series of cards. However, the second number determines the quality. A 6700 graphics card is better than a 7300 graphics card overall. Each new series increases potency for certain aspects, but is still a work in progress. A 6400 may be equal to a 7300, but i dont know the true specs.

    Compare this to building houses... A 6000 series is making a one story house. You start off meh, but you get better as you go. The 7000 series is a two story house. At the start it's pretty bad, better than equal (6300<7300) house of the one story you built, but you still need more knowledge of building a decent two story house.

    Get at least an 8600 imo, but that is still in the low-mid range of graphics. Personally i have a GTS 250 ($130) and i play wow at max graphics aside from shadows. I also heard that 8800s and 9800s can run wow pretty well, but im not sure how much they cost.
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