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    Switched to Shadow from Discipline

    Hey everyone!

    I just recently switched to Shadow after playing Discipline since...well...forever and needless to say, I'm extremely rusty at it. I've poked around in many different forums (shadowpriest.com, elitistjerks.com, here, etc.) I feel as though I have a good idea as far as how the rotation works, but my DPS seems horrendous right now. I downloaded Simcraft and plugged in my character, put it on Helter Skelter to try and simulate PP Heroic and the numbers I'm seeing from Simcraft are 1000 DPS more than what I was putting out, and Simcraft didn't account for the 15% ICC buff. I guess I'm just not exactly certain what I'm doing wrong? My Armory. A friend of mine had suggested I may be DoT clipping or clipping MF when it wasn't necessary. Also, is there an effecient way to track DoTs across multiple targets so that I can keep them refreshed?

    Thanks for the support!

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    Re: Switched to Shadow from Discipline

    Reading the sticky, up top, I managed to come across this thread. Maybe you should try reading some of that. A post there might be better, as well.

    Thread locked.
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