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    New PVP Priest

    Alright, so I just came back after a long while of inactivity and decided to level a priest, which is now 80, and came to the realization that I wanted to go 3s with my friends. Question stands; whether we go RMP (disc), RDP (resto and shadow) or RSP (resto and shadow), I like both shadow and disc for PVP and would like to know which of these comps are the most viable.

    I am also looking for some help with glyph and spec for whatever setup we choose to play.

    Here is my armory, in case you want to check it out (haven't farmed any PVP gear yet),

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: New PVP Priest

    A vast majority of it depends on the skill of your partners, and your skill in the spec you run with. RMP is the dominate comp out of the three, since any smart priest,shaman,etc.. will purge the bloodlust away and stomp the totems.

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    Re: New PVP Priest

    Alright, thanks for the reply.

    Will likely go disc for 2v2 with the mage as well, so RMP was the first choice that came to mind (as it did to my friends), but what spec should I use? The same as for 2v2? Glyphs? Gems are SP/Haste, Haste and SP/Stam, should I change that?

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