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    Disc gear Holy compatible?

    I have searched as I am sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find an answer.

    I have been a disc priest since I hit 80 over a year ago. I love disc but I admit that I am quite interested in Holy, however I gear almost solely for disc. This means I gem straight SP and couldn't care less about spirit or intellect.

    722 Spirit
    14% Haste
    26k mana pool
    3400 SP

    Armory link for good measure:
    (believe me the hit pieces were better than what I had)

    I do have a shadow off-spec so there is more haste and spirit in that gear but of course there is also a lot of hit.

    So my question is, how compatible is my disc gear if I wanted to change my off-spec to Holy? I would definitely switch out any non-hit pieces from my shadow gear, but I don't think that is too many pieces.

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    Re: Disc gear Holy compatible?

    Considering Holy actually uses its mana bar, yeah... Discipline gear isn't quite "Holy compatible." It also prioritises stats a bit differently too.

    You can get away with using Holy gear for Discipline, but unfortunately it doesn't work the other way around.
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    Re: Disc gear Holy compatible?

    Holy depends too much on spirit and haste to be able to handle disc gear properly... also you dont get much in terms of mana (talents and returns) as you do as disc, so int is another priority.
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    Re: Disc gear Holy compatible?

    I should have phrased my question a little better. I am really looking for how my current gear would fare. What are some of the desired numbers for Holy when it comes to regen, spirit, mana pool, and haste?

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    Re: Disc gear Holy compatible?

    my holy gear is very disc capable but not really sure if it would work well the other way around since disc won't have the emphasis on spirit. it would be a damn good start in the right direction however and if you had items such as dual solaces you probably wouldn't have mana problems anyway

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    Re: Disc gear Holy compatible?

    i use more of my shadow gear (primarily the non hit pieces) for holy since shadow and holy priority is more compatable than the holy/disc priority. (spirit is a big spellpower boost in holy! 1000 spirit is 250 spellpower!)

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    Re: Disc gear Holy compatible?

    Yeah, I am anxious to see my stats with the non-hit shadow pieces. I am not so worried about spell power as i have 3400 already (only self-buffed) and the limited spirit I have will add even more. On top of that, the bump to 15% just announced makes spell power a little less valuable.

    I am more worried about 1. my mana pool / regen and 2. My haste.

    P.S. My friend has double solaces (I only have the regular one) and rubs it in my face all the time

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    Re: Disc gear Holy compatible?

    As other people before me have already said, going from disc to holy is a disaster. You will be OOM way too quickly. I can get away with going from holy to disc but it can feel a bit ridiculous at times (too much haste, not enough crit).

    Since I noticed you have done some heroic ICC 25, I guess I can list my numbers that I have completely unbuffed and you go from there to see what you need. These are not my ideal numbers but what I have atm.

    SP - 3627
    Mana - 25k
    Haste - 25.53%
    MP5 - 403 and Spirit - 1193

    Personally, I feel double solace is overkill at this point. Ideally, I would use my heroic solace and heroic althor's for most fights and switch in lunar dust or other solace on mana intensive fights.

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    Re: Disc gear Holy compatible?

    Your gear is fine for Holy. You actually have much more of a Holy oriented gearset than a Disc oriented one.

    The other posters here really ought to have checked your armory and stats before posting, the replies are rather silly.

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    Re: Disc gear Holy compatible?

    I did forget the massive amount of mana you get from you get from disc talents so my mana pool is now down to just over 22k (something I definitely have to work on), but my haste is now up near 20%.

    Too bad the ICC buff doesn't give you mana as well

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