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    Gherkin, you're a Moderator. Why haven't you stickied this yet?
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    You are all blind to not see Paragons strat. They used gnome mages as sacrifice to the Earth Godess wich granted them unimaginable powahs and lazor beamz able to cut trough Arthas's tick armor.
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    People choose PvP servers because they think they're going to be the most dangerous predator in the jungle. Then they find out that the reality is they're just the littlest guy in the prison shower.

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    Actually, we don't.

    Quotes from EJ (source: Warlock Cataclysm Preview):

    That makes the whole "clipping is bad" statement neccessary to be reviewed, because in that case, you never loose ticks if you clip between the last and the second last tick.


    Your Mindflay and Drain Life estimations are also wrong. Blizz have said channeled spelled wont get more ticks in.

    Check your Drain Life naked with 0 haste and check it again with Eradication proc and a lot of haste and youll see it ALWAYS ticks 3 times just quicker.

    Hate to say, but most of what you have written is wrong :<

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    Gherkin, you're a Moderator. Why haven't you stickied this yet?
    because its full of errors to be fixed

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