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    A Question on Grace [Disc]

    Greetings Priest community,

    My apologies if there is a topic on this subject buried somewhere deep in these forums. But I'm currently leveling a Priest, as Disc, through the Random Dungeon system, and random BG system. I'm having alot of fun so far, really enjoying myself... my question is about the talent Grace. The stacking buff that increases the amount healed by the Priest on the target. Every raiding Disc I see has this talent, though I cant help but wonder its usefullness in a 5man group/BG situation...

    Unless Im mistaken this really wouldnt be a very optimal talent to take for such a situation as mine. (Leveling /Instancing)
    Would any of you that may know something more than I do help shed some light on this for me?

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    Re: A Question on Grace [Disc]

    Doesn't really matter I suppose, you can heal your way through normal dungeons in shadow spec I think.

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    Re: A Question on Grace [Disc]

    Quote Originally Posted by Valunii
    Unless Im mistaken this really wouldnt be a very optimal talent to take for such a situation as mine. (Leveling /Instancing)
    Actually it's just as if not more viable for 5-man content. In instances you're solely responsible for keeping the tank up, so there's more to be gained by having increased single target healing than in raids where you're less likely to be a dedicated tank healer.

    Also, it's good to remember that your grace isn't dropped from its current host every time you turn your attention to another -- it's only if you apply a heal with a cast time to another target. You can still bubble others, bounce PoM off others, or cast a PoH targeting the tank and maintain it. If you do find yourself directing 'normal' heals elsewhere, the 3 ticks of a single penance will reapply all 3 stacks with 2/2 points invested.

    For leveling it's one of the later talents you'd want to fill out -- and it's still easy to keep the buff up with only one point invested.

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    Re: A Question on Grace [Disc]

    Ah, yeah... I hadn't even thought about PoM and PoH.
    Thank you for the replies... I think that settles everything for my spec then

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