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    Re: Ever played Warhammer Online?

    I tried it, but although it had some nice improvements here and there, it was too similar to WoW in my opinion. If I want to play something that feels like WoW, I'll, you know, play WoW.

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    Re: Ever played Warhammer Online?

    Played it when it first came out, but was very buggy and content pretty well sucked. Was hoping it was going to be a DAOC type game, but wasn't even close. Tried it back out not too long ago, but servers pretty well dead. Was fun once I got in a warband, but sometimes even during prime time just wasn't anything going on.

    No PvE to speak of, very sadly lacking in that department.

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    Re: Ever played Warhammer Online?

    I did play it as i got it for really cheap ( Around 10€ when it was released ), liked it, though i kinda forgot about it after the free month went out.

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    Re: Ever played Warhammer Online?

    Loved it but because like WoW I don't have a huge amount of time anymore to dedicate to an MMO I fell behind quickly.

    I must say they did a lot of stuff right. WoW is easier to take a break or not play for a week if I am too busy and jump back in to.

    "ok one down...get that druid....wait...the druid is dead??"

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    Re: Ever played Warhammer Online?

    my wife and i both played it while we were in a guild that had slumped in its performance and members due to summer and the ill planned (imho) Sunwell Plateau. we were in the beta and started in release but quit about lvl 30 with various toons between 10-20.

    our problem stemmed from them opening too many servers and the one we started on was under populated so we started over on a different one, got slightly behind with people so the PQs were empty and eventually got into RvR but found it to either be a roll-a-thon or an empty empty place.

    I actually prefered thought its pvp was better than wow's, but ive always thought wow's pvp was an after thought and has never been balanced (and to think you can balance PvE and PvP together is just folly and continues to prove so but i digress). in the end we prefer PvE(raiding) content and that just wasnt there for the game so we went back to wow just as our guild was getting was clearing Naxx.

    havent been back to warhammer since and from what ive read they have taken a serious beating in the market. they really launched at the worst time possible and as before launched too many servers.

    on a side note, at the time public quests were really cool and innovative but as people pushed out of those zones they became empty and even two people can have a problem completing a public quest which pretty much makes them useless.

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    Re: Ever played Warhammer Online?

    I bought it when it came out and gave the 30 day trial thing a shot.

    It ran horribly on my computer and probably still does, A LOT of stuttering and it left me at a complete disadvantage in PvP. It was like playing Planetside, where the game would stutter JUST enough so that someone could kill you. Meanwhile World of Warcraft runs completely fine on moderately high settings for me.

    Farthest character i got was a level 20 Chosen. At best i was part of the usual gang up and spike, nothing more.
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