Because I can't find one I'm making one.
Personally, I believe those who long for truely "Difficult" PVE and PvP should go to GW.
First: PVP
Entirely skill based (gear can be made FOR FREE)
Very structured (AB for large scale, GVG for mid scale, etc)
no "cheap classes" those are balanced every so often (even to the point of changing what a skill does)
Gives e-peen enlarging rewards that the whole game sees (____has won a battle in the hall of heroes, ____has earned the title ____)
Much more active than current WoW pve.
Bosses are something to dread and carefully plan for(constant hp regen, hit everyone constantly, no true aggro, hit twice as hard and debuffs last half as long w/ no way to see which ones are up specifically) .
Completely reliant on skill (max gear cheap)
Positioning really matters (aggro bubble can bring in unwanted enemies)
AI responds very quickly to AoE and spreads out, often killing a character if not prepared, so kill orders have to be in place for almost every pull as well as AoE spells being spaced out to keep enemies together.
No true silences to group casters
No addons to aid/ bosses cast randomly even big spells
Rare wep skins always drop randomly and some are completely useless (wrong req etc) except the Anguish (which are extremely difficult to get) and destroyer weapons which require very
Titles are extremely hard to get, esp the "God amongst Mere Mortals" (lots of maxed titles) title. Seeing title makes you feel like you're in the presence of a truely skilled player.
Hall Of Monuments is a testament to your huge E-Peen.
Obsidian Armor literally screams I HAVE A TON OF MONEY/ I RUN HARD CRAP ALL THE TIME.
If you would like WoW to implement some of these things, or to see what their player base wants, don't quit. Quit and switch to an mmo that has what you want.