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    CPU causing my low FPS?

    As a lot of other people I have fps problems in 25man raids.In 5man dungeons,10 man raids and dala my fps is staying stable around 60 (sometimes drops in dalaran if it's full with ppl). I guess that the reason for my fps drop in 25man raids is my CPU so here's my PC spec: Motherboard - Gigabyte M720-US3 http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/...ProductID=3006 GPU - Geforce 9600gt 512mb CPU - AMD Athlon 7750+ Dual Core RAM - 2 x 2gb sticks Kingston I think not sure of their spec (due to my windows being xp 32bit it only shows 3.4 gb).Is it my CPU that slows me down in 25man raids and if yes it would be awesome to recommend some better CPU that works on my motherboard (link to supported CPU's on the url up) that will be good enough to play WoW at a decent fps.

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    Re: CPU causing my low FPS?

    it's more your OS. because you're still in 32bit windows, it's not utilizing the multi cores you're running. going windows 7 64bit will unlock alot more power out of it before you start buying new hardware and running into the same situation without using an OS that utilizes multi core CPUs.
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    Re: CPU causing my low FPS?

    A 32-bit OS has a limitation in the number of memory addresses it can register (4GB total, including VRAM, which is why Sakhara is only seeing 3.4GB), but I'm not aware of any CPU limitations.

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    Re: CPU causing my low FPS?

    It's not your OS. I am also not aware of any CPU limitations that a 32 bit OS has, because it doesn't have any unless you are referring to the fact that he has a 64 bit CPU and a 32 bit OS but that's something totally different.

    As far as your performance goes, your CPU is not that bad. It's budget, but a 2.7GHz dual core should be able to handle WoW properly. Try decreasing some of your in game video settings and possibly overclocking that CPU to 3GHz if you want to squeeze in a few extra fps which would make a big difference if your fps is low. You can overclock it to 3GHz without any effort or 3.2GHz with minimal effort.
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    Re: CPU causing my low FPS?

    Thanks for the replies.I will try overcloaking it and see if it improves.

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    Re: CPU causing my low FPS?

    your OS does handle multi-core cpus without any problems if you are using home edition you are only limited to one _physical_ processor, no matter how many cores that one has, and the 600mb ram you are missing because of a 32bit os dont really matter, 3.4gig is enough on winXP unless you are running way too much stuff in the background while playing.
    the gfx-card is ok, but enough for wow, im pretty sure its your cpu that is limiting your fps (at least for wow).
    problem is, there are no real upgrade options for cpu-only since the socket it uses is outdated. you could go with a s775 mainboard, this way you would have to replace mb+cpu, but since that socket also not the newest i would not advise you to do so. if you really want to upgrade better wait some time and save money for a Phenom II or Core I5 system (you would have to replace mainboard+cpu+ram for both), that will last you much longer than the other options.

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    Re: CPU causing my low FPS?

    Mehh? socket outdated, its a AM2+ that thanks to AMD politics supports AM3 just without DD3 support, so its perfectly compatible with a PII.
    Think you are messing a bit the info on home edition has well, it supprts one physical processor, that means no server motherboars wtih multi processors, but all core's work.
    The GFX is a bit crap, its old and mid low range, the processor doesnt help much either.

    "Windows Vista Home Basic

    Similar to Windows XP Home Edition, Home Basic targets budget-conscious users not requiring advanced media support for home use. This edition lacks the Windows Aero theme with its translucent effects. However, it does support Desktop Window Manager compositing, just without the glass effect. Home Basic supports one physical CPU, but with multiple cores.[7] 64-bit Home Basic supports up to 8 GB of RAM.[8]
    This edition includes Windows Firewall, parental controls, Windows Photo Gallery, and more functions.[9] Windows Movie Maker is included as well, but without support for working with high-definition video.[10] "

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    Re: CPU causing my low FPS?

    AM3 cpus on AM2+ boards is new to me, but ok if it works then there are some options for upgrading cpu only.
    regarding home-edition its what i said, one _physical_ cpu, single- dual- or quad-core does not matter at all.
    for the gfx, it is old and stuff but it has been stated in other threads as well: if you are running fine in 5/10s and your fps breaks down in 25s, its the cpu >90% of the time.

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    Re: CPU causing my low FPS?

    Is that the black edition 7750? If so, have you tried unlocking the two dormant cores and cache to see if they've just been disabled for coverage? The 9600 isn't a terrible piece of kit for WoW, your cpu is almost definitely choking WoW. If I clock my Q6600 down from 3.8 to 2.4 the difference is night and day.

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