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    A "New" Kind of Montage

    So apparently my RL friend was recording some game play on Friday, and he decided to make a montage of me getting pissed off at Modern Warfare 2. I watched it and laughed pretty hard because I realized how retarded I sound but that is how pissed I get at this game sometimes. Watch and enjoy, I guarantee you'll laugh once.


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    Re: A "New" Kind of Montage

    Because MW2 pisses EVERYONE off. If it isn't a guy pretending to be a Bush. It's AI air support shooting you from a crack in the wall. A Professional Noob Toober. The people running around Commando Stabbing. The Javelin Glitchers (Fixed). And so on.

    I can't see how Someone can have fun with this game.

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    Re: A "New" Kind of Montage

    ^ some of my sentiments.

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    Re: A "New" Kind of Montage

    haha is all i can say, being good at MW 2 is about as easy as being good at CoD 4 or WaW.
    as for getting shot by AI Air Support, if your clever you can still dodge it by hiding and things, your probably just running out in the open like a headless chicken.
    Noob tubers will always be there and they were worse in cod 4.
    if someones in range to use commando you have failed end of story.

    this montage isn't a new type of montage, it's just another rant montage in host of a billion MW 2 players that cannot play and want to tell the world about it.
    your the reason my kill death ratio is so high.

    i learnt along time ago that trying to play 100% serious on CoD is like trying to run a marathon whilst stabbing your legs all the way round.

    i suggest you play for fun doing silly stuff like using shotguns and quickscoping, or dual rafiking.

    9/10 times these days i run with:
    UMP45 silenced
    throwing knife
    flash bang
    perk 1: marathon
    perk 2: lightweight
    perk 3: commando
    death streak: painkiller

    i kno what your thinking, it's a stabby class, well yes it is but more importantly the UMP owns everything when its silenced, its good from range, better the closer you get get. if they get closer yet you have a spas in reserve, if they wanna get closer still you have commando And finally the most fun weapon in the game the throwing knife generally used to piss people like you off. LOL.

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    Re: A "New" Kind of Montage

    We really don't need a topic to discuss your video. If you want to share it, feel free to post it in the MW2 thread. Its around here, somewhere..
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