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    Q: Scopes/Enchants on Heirlooms?

    So, I'm working on getting heirlooms for my (future) goblin hunter for Cata and came across a dilemma. Can I go ahead and enchant the shoulders and bow with the SoH enchant and a scope, respectively. Both say that the enchanting will make the item soulbound, so I'm a little afraid to try it.

    Anyone know if I can safely do this, or should I just wait and have my new toon enchant the stuff himself?

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    Re: Q: Scopes/Enchants on Heirlooms?

    You can enchant heirloom gear, but only with levelless enchants. Not sure about scopes, but SoH will not work since it requires level 80.

    You can enchant heirloom weapons, chest, but not shoulders. And only with specific enchants.
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    Re: Q: Scopes/Enchants on Heirlooms?

    Not sure if the enchants will be usable by a level 1, probably be greyed out until level 60 or w/e, but I'm pretty sure the "soulbound" is just the non-refundable pop-up.

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    Re: Q: Scopes/Enchants on Heirlooms?

    Yeah as above, the SoH chant will not work.

    Scope are fine, i think the highest one you can use is +7damage.

    It will not make your gear soulbound, even though it says it will

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    Re: Q: Scopes/Enchants on Heirlooms?

    Cool, thanks for the quick responses!

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    Re: Q: Scopes/Enchants on Heirlooms?

    There are a few shoulder enchants that will work on the heirloom shoulders, however i think they are from the Zalandar tribe in STV if im not mistaken.

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    Re: Q: Scopes/Enchants on Heirlooms?

    The PVP one (30stam + 15 Res) used to work from level 1 onwards.
    But they changed it so you can still put it on, but its greyed out and inactive til you hit level 70.
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    Re: Q: Scopes/Enchants on Heirlooms?

    You can put a +1 damage scope on your heirloom bow, but that's it.

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    Re: Q: Scopes/Enchants on Heirlooms?

    you can put chants on heirloom gear including shoulders, atleast my one set of shoulders has 30 stam 15 resil chant or w/e from honor, i put it on before the limitations were set, it is greyed out until i reach the proper level.
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    Re: Q: Scopes/Enchants on Heirlooms?

    U can use all scopes on ur bow (or gun). But if you put, say a heartseeker scope on ur bow, you wont be able to use the bow until you reach level 70.

    Do as I did, craft all the scopes you want to use, send them to the hunter (when you start it up) and put the scopes on your bow as you level up.

    Proof that it works: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...tmane&cn=Mebus

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