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    Trouble with my Mic! using vent

    Kind of going through a aggrivating time and not sure if this is a virus or something else but I started incurring a issue where I cant use my mic on ventrillo anymore. At first it said something was wrong with my driver so i purchased a driver program which should of corrected the issue. I have done all my hardware updates etc and was thus left with this next annoying message and lack of mic usuage.
    Failed to open input device. Another program might have it open already. rc = -1
    The fuck do i do now lol

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    Re: Trouble with my Mic! using vent

    Purchased a driver program?

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    Re: Trouble with my Mic! using vent

    Its driver whiz if ur drivers are out of date or corrupted it finds the correct one for you and reinstalls it.

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    Re: Trouble with my Mic! using vent

    Frankly, most of those types of programs are rip-offs. Many have an out-dated database of drivers. I would find out what kind of soundcard you have an manually install drivers for it. Also, is your headset using a 3.5mm jack or a USB input?

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