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    Issues with new PC

    I had built a new computer about a week ago and I am starting to have problems with Screen tearing/low fps/ CCC errors.

    I booted my computer up this morning and had found 2 or 3 errors relating to MOM.implemantation and CLI.implementation
    I uninstalled all of my ATI related files and installed everything right from the disk in hopes that it was the newer driver that was messing things up, but Now I get the occasional screen tearing and really low FPS in any game I play wether it is WoW/MW2 or BC2

    If anyone can help thanks
    80 Rogue / 80 Druid

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    Re: Issues with new PC

    Its definently your drivers that are messed up. Try removing then completely and then reinstall the latest from ATIs website.

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    Re: Issues with new PC

    Yeah it's a bad CCC/Driver install, clean everything up from safe mode and reinstall, hope for the best.

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