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    Diablo as a MMO?

    Could Diablo fit a MMO gameplay?

    Is there enough lore for a Diablo MMO?

    not trolling, but just asking, since I never played it.

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    Re: Diablo as a MMO?

    It basically WAS an mmo.


    Yes, it could be. And yes, many people would play it.

    Before WoW, I would have thought Diablo would have made a better MMO than Warcraft, but yeah.

    For the future? It has a higher chance than Starcraft.

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    Re: Diablo as a MMO?

    If gameplay was kept the same, it could.

    The only thing it lacked was a conglomorate game server where everyone would congregrate.

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    Re: Diablo as a MMO?

    Yeah, I totally think Diablo could be turned into a MMO fairly well.
    Lore is just something that is there to make you care about why you are doing what you are doing. They could easily go in and create new lore, keep certain parts that are pertinent, and flesh out a new world how they want it. Just like they did with WoW.
    Like seam said, "It basically was an MMO" and as Daljo said, "The only thing it lacked was a conglomerate game server where everyone could congregate."

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    Re: Diablo as a MMO?

    Just a single thing for that.

    It would be AWESOME

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    Re: Diablo as a MMO?

    i wouldnt mind. as long as it wasnt as brainless as the single-player ones.

    i really dont get how some ppl enjoyed diablo...

    oh hey i'm running around killing everything on sight.

    yeah. thats about it.


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    Re: Diablo as a MMO?

    i dont think itwould have any point.i mean..diablo 2 was kinda an mmo.also many of diablo 2 elements(repairing armor,talent trees,colors on items,socketing and such),were already put in wow.as for lore yes it ahs plenty of it.but i prefer it to stay in a single player or a co-op mode.i hate when everything turns out as an mmo.soon we will see a Transformers mmo :P
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    Re: Diablo as a MMO?

    Ive never played any Diablo game but i am looking foward to buying the third. If it was an mmo, that would be so cool. my friends play it alot and he told me it was kinda like an mmo before though

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