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    New gamer keyboard?

    I'm looking for some suggestions for a new gamer keyboard.
    Price: maximum 800 DKK. (800 DKK = ~$140 or £107)
    I live in Europe (Denmark, to be exact), so if I can't get it shipped from overseas, please don't bother to link it here.
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    Re: New gamer keyboard?

    G15 is a great keyboard, although im not sure if I got the right site for you.

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    Re: New gamer keyboard?

    Here is a link to SteelSeries international storefront

    I currently use the Merc but may upgrade to the Merc Stealth because it feels more solid than the original.

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    Re: New gamer keyboard?

    G15 is good, Micorosft Sidewinder suits my style more and is also good. I've used both and I prefer the MS Sidewinder cause of the volume knob instead of little buttons. I think the macro buttons on the G15 is easier to use than on the sidewinder though.

    Although if you're keen on having a little LCD then the G15 is the way to go.

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    Re: New gamer keyboard?

    On a budget G15. If not, G19.
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