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    Re: ICC 25 and 25H Haste, Holy?

    My guilds raiding holy priest loves Body & Soul. It really is useful for a lot of situations my only issue with it is him putting weakened soul on targets that I can shield.

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    Re: ICC 25 and 25H Haste, Holy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti
    One often overlooked suggestion I have is the Bejeweled Wizard Bracers (Tailoring Pattern from ToC). You'll drop some spell power, but that's a huge chunk of haste to pick up.
    My goal is to hit around the 930 mark for haste when I am done gearing. I am still using the crappy 245 heroic wand from ToGC10. The rotface wand has only dropped once (only heroic and one of the few times I missed raid to make it even more lol) which would give me another 26 haste. I'll then get the rest from minor upgrades going to 277. Somehow we we always get pally healing gear and enh shaman/hunter gear to drop and eventually sharded.

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