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    Cursor wont move left/right properly

    Hi, well as mentioned in the topic, my cursor is struggling moving left/right when i move my mouse. extremely annoying..

    when i bought the mouse(naga) it worked properly but that only lasted for a short amount of time... ive cleaned the mouse, tried different pads.. the one thing i found to usually work is violence ^^.. slam the little... naga.. in the table and it seems to keep steady for a few minutes. But its not a sollution that will last so.

    im never lucky with the razer mouses... before this one i had a deathadder i think it was named.. and it had other issues such as the cursor moving to the left by itself, resulting in often horrible events in fps games.

    tried to google around a bit but couldnt really find much info except returning the mouse, changing the mousepad, cleaning the mouse.

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    Re: Cursor wont move left/right properly

    one bump for the sake of my overpriced mouse...

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    Re: Cursor wont move left/right properly

    see if you can find a driver update for it...

    it might not be tracking properly which shouldn't be the case since you're using it on a mousepad. I'd suggest just returning it and getting a replacement...

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    Re: Cursor wont move left/right properly

    Try it without a mousepad, and try a sharp blow, without spitting into the optical sensor at the bottom.
    I am using a logitech mouse where there seems to be an issue with dust gathering on the sensor causing erratic, or struggling movement like you describe.
    That normally works for me.
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    Re: Cursor wont move left/right properly

    Yeah, its usually dust. Give it a hard blow (pun intended) and it should be happy for a while yet.
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