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    Video Game Addiction

    For my statistics final, I have chosen the topic of video game addiction (big shock, eh?). Anyways, I have created a survey and I'd like the members here to please fill it out . Its 100% anonymous.

    And also, so this doesn't get deleted, lets talk about addiction too. What do you guys consider "addiction"? Is it really something that the public should be worried about or is it just something that happens and isn't really a problem?

    P.S. Here's the survey :P

    P.S.S. Yes, I got permission to post this.

    P.S.S.S Please take this seriously, this will affect my grade. Any obvious trolls will have their surveys trashed.

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    Re: Video Game Addiction

    Question 3 have nothing to do with video game addiction

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    Re: Video Game Addiction

    I'm not a Game Addict.

    But it doesn't give a good image of the video game community when they talk about fun games as being "addicting", and shows called "The Daily Fix". It just adds to the stereotype that all people who play video games are addicted to them.

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    Re: Video Game Addiction

    It is as addictive as Pie.

    It is just the feeling it gives you. People that have ADDICTIONS cant just stop without consequences. Yet when I took a 4 month break I didn't have withdrawals. I just like killing free time with video games instead of the more expensive alternative. Ie
    Go to a movie 10 dollar admission + Food of sorts for another 5. (That is about 2-3 hours of entertainment)
    WoW sub is 15 and is unlimited for a month.

    Video games are just as addictive as TV. Only it is better for you, increases you hand eye coordination, increases your typing skills, and encourages the use of common sense.

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    Re: Video Game Addiction

    Filled out. Gl with your assignment.

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    Re: Video Game Addiction

    I filled it out. goodluck

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    Re: Video Game Addiction

    Thanks everyone Almost at 100 people who have filled it out.

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    Re: Video Game Addiction

    I've written several papers on video game addictions. Even a thesis statement on the matter. A great resource to use would be Harris Interactive. It's one of the world's fastest growing research firms, via poll. They've traced the foundation of their success to the study of video game addictions. It's a very real thing, and massly common through-out communities internationally.
    Video games create a gateway for the human mind to achieve things we're physically not capable of for a vast number of reasons. Shooting games, we can't pick up an M-4 rifle and run around the neighborhood shooting each other for fifteen minute rounds and see who's racked up the most kills.. RPG's: We don't live in mythological worlds filled with dragons, orcs, mystic weapons that have name's and are known across nations. As well, coming up with the resources to travel the uncharted corners of the Earth aren't exactly in the average person's salary budget, making fascinating explorations near impossible.
    So what else does a high school teenage boy that has no interest in extracurricular activities such as sports or community services do? He takes half of his $150/week paycheck he gets from his part-time job and buys the latest copy of whatever video game he can find, which he can escape to. He can connect with friends and conquer strangers from korea.. Or smack talk computer generated messengers spamming for gold farming sites.
    On another page.. Video game addictions can be traced to much more serious and deeper rooted problems. That very well could've been subjugated before video games ever even hit the markets.. It's a house-hold problem I like to call residential salutary neglect. I could go on forever about this, trust me.. I have many times before..But I'll stop here.. If you need any questionsanswered, would like a scanned copy of my thesis or what-have you feel fre to ask!!
    You know what sucks about applesauce? It's not apple pie. And it never will be! Man, that pisses me off!

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