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    Eve Online. Trying to get back

    For whatever reason, I find myself constantly trying to get myself into Eve Online.

    Every time I do, I will play for a month, get sick of just sitting around training and being unable to do anything besides mining or low paying missions. I will then give up shortly after. (This is the fate for many new players)

    But now, after many of these joining's and quiting's, I have a respectable ship and training which I could use to join a larger Corp and participate in the of the epic Corps Battles (700-1000 ships blowing the crap out of each other) which are the Hallmark of Eve.

    Problem is, I feel like in a months time, I will of ditched Eve yet again out. So I made a list of the Pro's and Cons


    -MASSIVE Corporation Battles.

    -there is just one server, so you have all 300,000 people in one game universe. Unlike WoW which has 10,000 per Realm.

    -the Teamwork in Eve is sometimes just amazing. Watching a group of miners work asteroid belts is just awesome.

    -the fact Corporations Wage a almost never ending war against each other for control of Solar Systems in a form of Conquest is great.

    -Mining is surprisingly fun in groups.

    -The Lore makes my Nerd side happy.

    -They won MMORPG of the Year in 2009

    -Complex as hell (Pro and Con)


    -Small Combat can be boring, especially vs NPC.

    -Players control everything from economy to what they do as a profession. If a Player wanted, they can be a Pirate. So just about every heavily traveled Warp Gate in 0.0 Security Space has at least a few of the asshole pirates in cheap but deadly ships trying to gank you.

    -Travel can be SLOW at times. There are... what was the number... 2000+ Solar Systems in Eve, and you can literally sit for 40 mins getting from one place to another, and you cannot Auto-Pilot in 0.0-0.4 Security Space because of said Player Pirates.

    -Mining is a risky thing because Player Pirates like to Pop your Mining Barge (Easy to get away if you're paying attention however).

    -If your ship goes POP, you don't get it back, sure you can place insurance on it and buy another, but not the same at times. Not a big deal in a Corporation that has ungodly sums of resources, but a big deal if you are a Lone Wolf player.

    -Training takes time instead of killing things for experience. While you can train offline, you just wish you didn't have to wait 5 days for a boost to shields.

    -Complex as hell (Pro and Con)

    So, this list is short and there are many more unsaid Pro's to the game than there are Cons for the Game, but I need you're opinion on Eve. Especially players who put a few months or more into the game.

    The trail account and the first few months doesn't show the best of the game. But, if you did get a Trail Account and quit shortly after, feel free to leave you're opinion.

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    Re: Eve Online. Trying to get back

    well, heres the thing, when i went to college, i had to slow down on the wowing and needing something to fill the void of the hr-2hrs before the next class (lived in the dorms) eve did that, i set roots, did quests, found people aroudn me who did the same, and when they all went farming for ores, i pirate farmed, lots of fun, alittle costly, but when rare items are found through extractions of destroyed ships, it was all worth it

    i would advise going as a "tank" ship, i did, and it was fun, the community is good, the game is ever expanding (and if i remember correctly i saw an expo where the creaters of eve wanted to make the planets you flew through mineable) alittle mass effect 2 ish for my taste, but i haven't played in almost a year
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